Clarowash is a team of nature loving people. We provide on demand doorstep Steam car wash and dry cleaning at a very pocket friendly price at your convenient. Clarowash is committed to save your time and save you from unhygienic atmosphere inside the car. As steam is disinfectant. By use of steam we can wash a car in 1.5 to 2 litres of water and in a year we all can save a million gallons of water.

A clean car increases it’s value and is an integral element of the first impression others have of you.  Here are some more good reasons:

  • Increases value of your car
  • Projects professionalsm and success especially for buisiness & sales professional
  • Increases life of car by removing shine loss created by the wear and tear of daily driving
  • Healthy precaution to removes pet hair and othe allergy causing dirt and dust


Mother nature is getting ill day by day as lot of trees are cutting everyday. Air pollution is a major problem now a day. So we come up with an idea to gift a plant to our customers after every order. With thank you note for save water and invest that saved water to pamper the plant and help mother nature to get well and give you family a healthy breath. We have a slogan:

Don’t Waste Water, Invest it at a right place!!.

We are on a mission to make India clean and green.

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